Nehru unfurls National Flag at the Lahore Congress, 1929

Jawaharlal Nehru was the President of the Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress, 1929. After hoisting the National Flag Nehru addressed the participants on 29 December 1929 in Lahore:

I have just unfurled the national flag of Hindustan. What is the meaning of this flag? It is one of the symbols of India’s freedom. It is a symbol of India’s unity. But remember that when a country’s flag is raised then as long as there is a single living soul in the country it is not brought down. Today you have met on this occasion, when the National Congress is holding its most momentous session and is going to take a great step forward in the fight for the country’s freedom.

Today, when you have raised this flag, are you not fired by the determination that it shall not be lowered? I want you to take a vow that you will have sufficient strength to protect this flag, and that you are ready to sacrifice your lives for freedom.

The flag under which you stand today and which you have just now saluted, does not belong to any [one] community. It is the flag of the country. If you have so far worked for any particular community to the detriment of nation, you have proved false. All those who stand today under this flag are Indians, not Hindus, not Muslims but Indians. The volunteers who have saluted the flag today, should be prepared to lay down their lives for its honour. Remember once again, now that this flag is unfurled, it must not be lowered so long as a single Indian, man, woman, or child lives in India.


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