The Government and the People

Jawaharlal Nehru's address to Congressmen, Puri, Orissa, 12 March 1949.

Orissa is poor as it had been neglected in the past. But the province has great resources and it is up to the people of Orissa to work those resources and make the province strong and prosperous by constructive and productive work in all directions.

The Government abide by their pledge on the abolition of zamindari system. But the question of compensation is an intricate and difficult one and has to be tackled in a forthright manner.

The Government are gradually proceeding with a scheme of nationalization of key industries. Rapid implementation of the policy all over the country will lead to considerable difficulties and may be harmful in some ways. It must be done in a proper way, and not regardless of other circumstances. About industrialization, I can say that the Congress while standing for the development of cottage industries has never been against the industrialization of the country.

There has been a great deal of criticism of the Government but I have found that the criticism comes chiefly from certain urban sections. The rural masses react in a different way. Undoubtedly there is room for criticism in much that has been done, but equally undoubtedly there is also room for satisfaction in their achievements. Success would only come in our big undertakings by cooperation between the public and the Government organization. In this cooperation, the Congress has a great responsibility.

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