Nehru writes to his Mother (Sep 15, 1903)


My dear Mother [1],

This is to inform you that we are all well here. Hope you are well too. Please show this picture to Nanni [2] and give her my love.

from your loving son

1. Original letter in Hindi.
2. Shrimati Vijayalakshmi Pandit (b. 1900); sister of Jawaharlal; m. R. S. Pandit  (d. 1944); imprisoned several times in the noncooperation movement; Minister, U,P. Government, 1937-39 and 1946; Ambassador in Moscow, 1947-49; Ambassador in Washington, 1949-52; President, U.N. General Assembly, 1953-54; High Commissioner in London, 1954-61; Governor of Maharashtra 1962-64.

Postcard sent by Nehru (15.09.1903) | Selected Works Vol.1

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