Nehru: To Mother, from Highgate (Jul 01, 1905)

July 1, 1905 

My dear Mother [1],

I was happy to receive your letter. I am quite well. You need not worry about me at all. I have not yet met Birju Bhai [2] but I shall see him in a day or two. He should have finished his examinations today. He will come here day after tomorrow. He has taken rooms which are quite near our place. Here the weather these days is very fine, neither too cold nor too hot.

I received a postcard from Nanni. Her photograph is very much like her. Love and kisses to her from me.

Namaskars and love,

from your loving son

1. Original in Hindi. Extracts
2. Brijlal Nehru (1884-1965); son of Nandlal Nehru and first cousin of Jawaharlal. At this time he was a student at Oxford. Brijlal Nehru served in the  Indian Finance Department till his retirement in 1939. His wife Shrimati Kameshwari Nehru was a well known social worker and received the Lenin
Peace Prize in 1961. 
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