Fact Check: Satirical photo of PM Modi bowing to Nehru’s statue shared as real

By Kinjal for Alt News

“If you’re bowing down to him after bashing him and speaking ill of him for 6 years, then understand that his ideology and thinking are greater than you,” reads a message shared with a photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi bowing down to a statue of former PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

[Hindi text: 6 साल जिसे कोसने के बाद , खूब बुरा भला बोलने के बाद , उन्ही को नमन करना पड़े तो समझ जाओ की उनकी विचारधारा और सोच तुमसे कितनी महान होगी।”]

The claim has been shared by quite a few Twitter and Facebook users.


We found that PM Modi had tweeted a set of four images of the newly-inaugurated Rashtriya Swachhata Kendra on August 8, 2020.

One of the images from the set was morphed to depict that the Prime Minister was paying respect to Nehru when in fact he was bowing down to Mahatma Gandhi’s statue.

On August 8, PM Modi inaugurated the National Sanitation Center set up at Rajghat in New Delhi. Several media organisations covered the inauguration ceremony. Prime Minister Modi’s Office uploaded a video of the event on YouTube where, at 16 seconds, PM Modi can be seen offering flowers on the statue of Gandhi.

Furthermore, the picture viral on social media carries a photo of Spiderman and @libtardu written on the right. It was created as a satirical post by the handle.

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